Buy 8 JIBBITZ™ Get 2 Free
Buy 8 JIBBITZ™ Get 2 Free

Old Crocs?
Why not drop in the Box?

Crocs and The Sneaker Shack have partnered up to bring life to your old but still loved Crocs by re-purposing them and giving back to the community who needs them the most.

We are always looking for ways to lessen our environmental impact.

How to participate?

Drop your Preloved Crocs in our Donation
Box and SA’s most trusted sneaker Laundry
Service will do the rest.

Where can you drop your Crocs?

At any of our participating Crocs Concept Stores and participating
The Sneaker Shack Stores.

Who will we donate to?

Once we have collected your donations, we will work
with The Sneaker Shack to rehome your Preloved
Crocs, making sure that our communities are
supported to the best of our ability.

What is in it for you?

We would love to reward you by offering you some Jibbitz
for every pair that you donate to add to your collection.

Join us and spread the love!