Women’s Walu II Canvas Skimmer
Item #202488

A versatile, everyday skimmer with a clear nautical influence — yet nothing overboard. And the best part may be inside — we’ve added memory foam pillows on top of the Croslite™ foam footbed and outsole for Triple Crocs comfort™. Gives you that sink-into-it feeling at first, and then keeps on delivering cushion all day. Where them everywhere — they’re great basics with an out-of-this world feeling.

Women’s Walu II Canvas Skimmer details:

  • Relaxed canvas uppers
  • Skimmer style with lace detail
  • Rubber outsole pods improve traction and durability
  • Triple Crocs comfort™: memory foam pillows on a Croslite™ foam footbed, riding on Croslite™ foam outsole



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