Give the gift of comfort to friends and loved ones with Crocs eGift Cards available in various denominations. Redeemable for any online purchases.

The eGift Card is redeemable for merchandise at the Crocs Online Store in the Republic of South Africa Only. This card has no service fees; is not redeemable for cash and only valid for online purchases. Please safeguard your eGift Card as Crocs is not responsible for lost and/or unauthorised use of this eGift Card. Purchases will be deducted until the balance reaches zero. If the total of your order is more than the balance left on your eGift Card, you will be required to pay the remaining difference to complete your order. This eGift Card has no expiry date.


Delivery Time
Delivery takes between 7-10 working days, between 8:00am-5:00pm.
Please allow up to 24 Hours for processing of your order once payment has reflected prior to shipping

A delivery fee of R85 will be charged for each Crocs online order
*Crocs reserves the right to amend delivery costs at any time. All changes will be disclosed here